Reasons to quit your current job

  1. Are you wasting your time building yet another shopping app?
  2. Are you building social network apps that waste other peoples time?
  3. Are you building useless games that waste everyones time and bandwidth?

Reason to Join SimpleLIMS

  1. We build apps that make someone else's life better.
  2. We are also building apps to conquer Cancer. (Not racing, not walking, not raising money, only to pay huge salaries to administrators!)

This is your office with a view, 27" iMacs & Aerons

  • Your new office

Cloud Systems Admin - (Linux / EC2 / HPC 1000+nodes)

  1. Support Bioinformatics Developers
  2. Compile C++ code from Git/SVN
  3. Manage multiple, disposable HPC clusters with 1024 nodes
  4. Design / Build Supercomputers with 1024 nodes to analyze life science data
  5. Cloud configuration management (encryption, deployment)
  6. Could auditing, monitoring
  1. Linux KVM, Ceph/RADOS, libvirt
  2. C++, Python, PHP, Java, GIT, SVN
  3. EC2, htcondor, StarHPC, StarCluster
  4. Hadoop, Hadoop/HDFS/Hive/Hbase, PIG, mrjob
  5. Nagios, OpenTSDB
  6. Love of Biology may be needed

Bioinformatics Developers (and paid interns)

  1. Develop Bioinformatics software
Skills Needed
  1. C++, Python, PHP,Perl, Java, GIT, SVN, R, Mathlab, MySQL, Redis, bwa, Picard,GATK
  2. d3.js, WebGL, Babylon.js
  3. CI, TDD, Selenium
  4. Strong Math, Probability skills
  5. Able to Orchestrate 1024 servers in your head
  6. Love of Biology, Physics, Math may be needed

HTML5 Web Developers (and paid interns)

  1. Develop LIS / LIMS software
Skills Needed
  1. PHP,Python, Perl, YII, MySQL
  2. jQuery, Bootstrap, LESS, CSS
  3. CI, TDD, Selenium
  4. LINUX, GIT, TDD, Selenium
  5. PhotoShop, GIMP, InkScape
  6. Love of Biology may be needed

We welcome self-taught without CS degree. If you just learnt all of it just yesterday even better
We welcome interns! (All year, summer, winter)