Mr. Henson (a 10 year old)
  • SimpleLIMS is so easy like an IPAD. I am going to be a doctor so I can cure my grandma's cancer.

Dr. L ( Technician / CLS working in a pathology lab )
  • Before SimpleLIMS, I had to cut copy paste, dance with 3 different systems (ordering, interface middleware, reporting system).
  • SimpleLIMS is the only LIS, I learned in minutes without manuals, training sessions, idiotic videos.
  • After SimpleLIMS, I enjoy one beautiful software. When I need a change, it is often built and deployed the same day. It is faster than our internal IT guys to fix the printer.

Dr. S (Pathologist in a pathology lab)
  • Before SimpleLIMS, I had to use a windows application, a web application that worked only with Internet Explorer, a VPN that never worked, a Java LIS that was slower than molasses.
  • After SimpleLIMS, I spend more time with fighting cancer than fighting the computer. I love SimpleLIMS.

Dr. A (Pathologist treating the patients)
  • Before SimpleLIMS, I had to use a portal that was down, which did not work in my Mac. I had to use faxed black and white reports
  • With SimpleLIMS, I don't have those issues. Beautiful reports look like what we see in patholology textbooks like Rosai.

Dr. W (CEO of a pathology lab)
  • Before SimpleLIMS, on a test with $1200 reimbursement, I thought I was making money.
  • After implementing SimpleLIMS, I saw the real cost in real time (Rent, Equipment loan, labor cost, reagent cost, supplies, shipping) and I was loosing money. So we stopped performing that test.

Mrs. N (VP Sales of a pathology lab)
  • Before SimpleLIMS, to run the sales commission report, I had to beg business analysts, access billing software, fight business objects & Great Plains for days. I often gave up.
  • In SimpleLIMS, I see sales commissions in real-time.

Mrs. S (Sales rep of a pathology lab)
  • Before SimpleLIMS, I was wondering why Dr. O was not sending samples. I was thinking my competition was getting there before me.
  • After we went with SimpleLIMS, I found that we did not send enough shippers for specimens. I supply the doctor with what he needs, before he runs out. The FEDEX integration, TAT delay notifications are awesome. I call my customer before he cals and asks "Where is my result?"

Mr. E. Kirtz (IT in a Molecular Diagnostics Lab)
  • Before SimpleLIMS, We used a windows based laboratory system that was not scalable.
  • SimpleLIMS provided us with a secure, scalable, webbased Laboratory Information System.